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Free yourself from agonizing tooth and jaw pain. Root canal treatment is not what is used to be. In the past those word brought fear and dread of the possible pain. The latest developments in endodontic treatment are relatively painless and requiring only a few visits.


Make a consultation appointment with Dr. Kristine Medin to discuss your options. She will discuss your dental situation and explain how treatments will not only save your tooth, but also end the swelling, sensitivity, and pain that your are suffering through. Make your appointment with Medin Family Dental today.

  • Discomfort or pain when biting or chewing

  • Gum tenderness, swelling, or sores

  • Transient or persistent symptoms

  • Darkened teeth

The Help You Need for a Root Canal

Signs that you may need treatment


The top-quality dental services provided by Medin Family Dental are available to patients of all ages.

Trust in over 21 years of dental experience: